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Tactical Audio Surveillance Covert EH1 Ear Hanger Earbud Impact Gold Series

by Impact
Impact Gold Series EH1 Rubber Ear Hanger Earbud Covert Audio Surveillance EH-1
Flexible rubber ear hanger allows for maximum comfort
  • Works on right or left ear
  • Modular design for low cost customizaton
  • Requires kit (G1W or G2W) to connect to radio
  • Two year manufacturer warranty

Radio Connection Kit Options

This earpiece requires the use of a radio connection kit. Two styles are available. The 1-wire kit (G1W) includes an in-line mini push-to-talk (PTT) microphone. The 2-wire kit also includes a mini push-to-talk microphone except it is on a separate wire. This allows for flexibility in placement of the PTT. Both kits are made of rugged Kevlar™ reinforced cable for extra durability.

IMPACT™ Gold Series Accessories
Designed for the user who demands quality at a minimal cost.

  • All wire kits feature Impact's 7 Snaptight™ interchangeable ear options for the ultimate in versatile, hygienic and cost effective accessory solutions. Choose your wire type, then choose the best ear option for your application.
  • The unique modular design allows the user to choose his or her own ear option and keep the wires connected to the radio. This saves on replacement wires, extends the life of the radio accessory jack and offers the user a more personal accessory option.

Built to the same high standards as their Platinum Series, the IMPACT™ Gold Series is the perfect solution for hospitality, retail, light security and sporting applications.