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Scantron Scanmark ES2260 Optical Mark Reader Test Scanner w/ Accessories

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Scantron Scanmark ES2260 Optical Mark Reader Test Scanner w/ Accessories
Grade B+ condition. Comes with various accessories as pictured.

Versatile enough for nearly any routine data collection application, Scantron’s Evolution Scanner (ES) 2260 is a cost-effective answer to today’s data entry challenges. And, as part of a new generation of OMRs, the ES2260 is well equipped to support future technology enhancements in data collection. 

By scanning information directly from forms into the computer at a speed of up to 2,200 pages per hour, the ES2260 provides a level of productivity and accuracy not available with key entry. Processing speed is enhanced by the machine’s dual readheads, which allow two-sided forms to be scanned in a single pass. Plus, the ES2260’s continuous, automatic readhead calibration and user-defined mark sensitivity levels add to data accuracy by enabling the machine to distinguish poor quality marks and differentiate between true marks and erasures. 

A host of features rounds out the ES2260. Its unique intelligent component allows form definitions to be stored even while the scanner is off, eliminating the need to repeatedly download a definition. An LCD panel displays the ongoing status of a job, while an optional interactive printer can print messages or serial numbers for instant form identification. Ink- and bar code-reading options also are available, as is an automatic document feeder that holds up to 150 forms in the input hopper and eliminates the need to hand-feed forms into the scanner

The ES2260 — high performance data collection in a low-cost, convenient package.