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RJ45 Port PoE Power Combiner 2-Pack Make 60W PoE Ultra w/ 2x 30W PoE+ Ports

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RJ45 Splitter Combiner uPOE Cable POE Adapter Connectors Passive Power Kit of 2

Use with a injector to double the power into one device from 30 watts to 60 watts- combines two 802.3at/af ports into one uPOE port. Supports gigabit data rates and 60 watts per CAT-6 cable. Use two for each uPOE device-one on the POE sode and one on the LAN side of a POE Switch device. 

  • Power Source: PoE Injector or Switch
  • 8 wires, 4pair split 10/100 connector: Female RJ45
  • 4 wire, 2pair split 10/100 connector: male RJ45 with 1&1, and 3&6
  • Input voltage Max: up to 57V
  • Input Current at 48V 65Ma per pair-60 Watts total
  • Size: 125mm Cable Length