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RGB Spectrum XV DVI XtendView FiberDVI KIT HDCP Cable Extender HDMI Compatible

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RGB Spectrum Fiber Optics Extender Fiber DVI RX Module

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The XV DVI RX/TX Fiber DVI Signal Receiver and transmitter module kit is a Cable Extender part of the XtendView FiberDVI Adapter family from RGB Spectrum. This compact, high-quality device works by connecting DVI signals over fiber cables up to 1300' from the compatible DVI XMT-M1 transmitter. It is a compact, "all in the headshell" adapter which enables secure fiber transmissions by mounting directly to a chassis of a compatible RGB Spectrum device that has DVI-D Connectors. The DVI XMT-M1 transmitter will convert the electrical signals to optical signals and then the XV DVI RX receiver decodes the optical signal back into electrical signals with resolutions up to 1920x1200 and 2048x1152.

The primary features of the FiberDVI adapters is a return data channel that supports real-time EDID pass-through and HDCP. EDID, and HDCP authentication data are transmitted in one direction while the DVI video is transmitted in the other direction, requiring only a single fiber optic cable for transmission of all signals. These adapters will also support embedded audio in HDMI signals. These devices may be powered externally or through pin power, which eliminates the need for external power supplies. Another great reason for the use of this device is the fact that fiber optics is ideal for transmitting DVI signals over moderate to longer distances because it is lightweight, secure, and immune to EMF and RFI interference. 

The XtendView Fiber DVI adapters work with all of RGB Spectrum's products to add the benefits of fiber transmission to any signal routing, display processing, or video wall solution.


  • HDCP Compliant
  • Supports HDMI with embedded audio
  • Connectors: DVD-D, SC, Power
  • Power: 5V DC @ 0.5 amp
  • Fiber Type: Multimode
  • Power Options: Pin-power