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RFID Blocking Card Protector : 2-Pcs Ultra-slim Wallet Guard Shield Magriffin

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RFID Blocking Card Protector : 2-Pcs Ultra-slim Wallet Guard Shield Magriffin 
  • Magnetic closure
  • Ultra slim RFID blocking cards design, ONLY 0.03 inch, up to 40% thinner than other rfid card, say goodbye to bulk. Turn into rfid wallet within a second, all your contactless cards in walletshield can be protected. Minimalist gradient style,multi color,stylish.
  • 13.56MHz RFID Credit card protector keeps you from the illegal Scan,protect financial data information safe. essential for the modern day, with the powerful co-frequency jamming technology, when your bank, VISA, MASTER and passport are scanned, the card with inside chip and antenna will absorb scanning signal wave and transform it into energy as well as preventing the unauthorized read. Make your life safety and your travel more comfortable
  • Easy to use,fuss-free protecting. Very convenient to identify your payment card than rfid sleeve when you need to pay.No fiddly Faraday blocked rfid sleeves, you only need to put one in your purse card case holder and it is enough to guard at least 12 cards within 5cm protection distance. (Tip: long wallet need be placed two blockers side by side)
  • TEST IT YOUSELF! The easiest way of rdif blocking card is at a self checkout at a supermarket. When you go to pay, place magriffin card on top (or bottom) of your payment card and place on the termianl. The terminal will usually then throw an error message.PLEASE NOTE: MOST INSTITUTIONAL ACCESS CARDS AND DEVICES OPERATE ON OTHER FREQUENCIES(100-125KHz), SO OUR RFID CARD CANNOT PROTECT THEM and magnetic card.
  • BEST and ideal gifts for Men & Women on Valentine's Day, Mother` day, father`s day. Smart RFID technology provides extra peace of mind for FAMILY & FRIENDS.