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Pro-Bel 1932 Sirius 6537 Fan Module Card

by Pro-Bel
SKU Pro-Bel 1932
Pro-Bel 1932 Sirius 6537 Fan Module Card
This product was pulled from a working environment. Only selling what is seen. The product functions great. Overall condition 9/10

The 1932 fan module is fitted in the Sirius 620 (7U) and Sirius 630 (16U) frames, and provides additional ventilation to the integral power supply fans. Each frame employs an internal fan assembly providing horizontal cross ventilation to maintain a cool, internal, air temperature. Frames may therefore be mounted directly on top of each other, or other equipment, without the need for vertical separation. Care should however be taken when mounting frames directly above other equipment to ensure that they are not subjected to excessive heat from that equipment, and that cooling vents in equipment directly above or below them are not obstructed.