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Pink Handheld Mist Sprayer Portable Facial Steamer Rechargeable TI-701-B

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SKU cooskin Tl-701-B
COOSKIN Deluxe Anzikang Nano Handy Mist Spray Facial Mister for Lash Extensions

Are you still suffering with fine lines, dry skin, blotchy pigmentation, acne such as black heads and other facial skin problems? If so the Cooskin N7 deluxe is for you. The Cooskin Deluxe N7's Deluxe power bank shows you how much water is left in reserve and holds 22ml of water which is 3.5 times grater than the Cooskin nano facial sprayer (original). Small enough to be portable, this deluxe version of Cooskin nano facial mister can be used on the go, while shopping, at work, in the car at the beach, while jogging, at home and more. Unlike the original Cooskin, the deluxe model does not turn off with a timer meaning you can mist your face as long as you like. Safe for makeup and eyelashes: This version of our Fashion Nano Handy Mist is a compact, portable, stylish beauty machine for hydrating and moisturizing your skin anytime, anywhere to rapidly eliminate dry skin and maintain skin elasticity. With high vibration technology - more than 140,000 vibrations per second - it turns liquid into nano-particles to touch each tiny spot and permeate the skin for deep hydration and moisturizing. Since water molecules are turned into ultra-fine nano-particles, you needn’t worry about your makeup flaking regardless of use immediately after or long-after you’ve applied the makeup. Perfect for eyelash extensions. With years of export experience along with excellent quality, advanced services and competitive prices, Cooskin has won numerous customers' trust and support. The essential oil and toning lotion are suggested not to use, it will jam the nano mister.
  • Cool micrometer mist, moistens and soothes tired skin instantly, leaving skin soft and supple
  • Use distilled water or purified water, some pure water like rose ,lemon etc. 
  • It can use 120 times and 30 seconds each time after fully charged. 
  • The water tank is removable for cleaning.
  • Helps to keep down fumes from eyelash extensions glue when you finish up artificial lash extensions.