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Nekmit Aluminum Heavy Duty 360° Rotation Swivel Steel Ball Bearings Stand Silver

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Nekmit Aluminum Heavy Duty 360° Rotation Swivel Steel Ball Bearings Stand Silver

  •  Suitable for any size notebook computer, works great for monitors, heavy plants, arts & crafts, TV's and stereo speakers with 10'' diameter, 0.32''high
  • Thanks to its sturdy aluminum crafted body, stable weighted base, the low center of gravity design and durable structure provide a more stable using experience
  • Single piece high quality aluminum design provides solid stability, free of screws and staples that would never inadvertently get caught on objects, also allows for swift cleaning in seconds
  • Non-skid surface on turntables is molded into the platforms for smooth rotating turntable swivels 360u00c2u00b0, bottom non-scratch rubber feet to keep your TV or desktop monitor steady
  • Through Nekmit professional weight test, they have never shown any wear or denting by the ball bearings regardless of the amount of weight loaded onto them
  • Nekmit 360u00c2u00b0 rotation swivel uses the high- quality materials and classic design to ensure the best using experience for everyone, which is a classic tool for making our life more convenient and relaxing to access.

    Ideal for Multiple Uses
    It's handy for flat panel monitors and notebook computers for screen sharing, TV's, desk phones, printers, fax machines, calculators, speakers or potted plants, even as a swiveling cake stand or Lazy Susan in your kitchen.

    High Quality
    Built from durable and quality material, the swivel stand boasts strong resistance to abrasion and its internal high-grade steel ball bearings offer 360 degrees of low-friction rotation.
    Inside the spinning base, 24 steel ball bearings ensure smooth operation with minimal friction and little noise.

    Material: Aluminum
    Color: silver
    Dimensions: 10'' diameter, 0.32''high