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Motorola DSR 4520 / DSR-4520X DigiCipher II Professional Satellite Receiver

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Motorola DSR 4520 / DSR-4520X DigiCipher II Professional Satellite Receiver
Grade A- physical condition. Has some scuffs/scratches. Ships with universal power cable.

The Motorola DSR-4520X is the new advanced featured DigiCipher® II integrated receiver/decoder (IRD). The Motorola DSR-4520X digital satellite receiver is designed for cable operators and other commercial satellite operations who want to maintain their signal in a digital format. Incorporating multiple digital outputs, the Motorola DSR-4520X is the IRD to provide solutions for today’s needs and tomorrow’s opportunities. Digital outputs on the Motorola DSR-4520X include: serial digital interface (SDI) output, AES/EBU audio outputs and asynchronous serial interface (ASI) output. Digital data outputs include: Internet protocol data, isochronous data and asynchronous data. 

The SDI output provides 2 channels of embedded audio to allow easy routing of video and audio through a cable facility. The discrete AES audio outputs can be used in combination with the SDI video without the need for audio de-embedding equipment. Dolby® digital audio pass-through is available on both the SDI embedded audio and the discrete AES audio outputs. A complete MPEG-2 transport stream is available through the ASI output. 

IP data is output directly onto one of the 2 Ethernet connectors on the DSR-4520X. A transport stream consisting entirely of IP data can be output from the DSR-4520X Ethernet port. The Ethernet connections also allow remote command/control capabilities. Additional data delivery applications are supported through asynchronous (RS-232) and isochronous (RS-449) ports.

Highlights Include:
 SDI output with 2 channels of embedded audio 
• 2 discrete AES digital audio outputs 
• 10/100 BaseT Ethernet port 
• ASI output 
• Variable symbol rate from 3.25 Msps to 29.27 Msps 
• Supports maximum 47.2 Mbps throughput for MegaPipe configurations 
• Dolby® brand AC-3® audio processing 
• VBI reinsertion SID/AMOL-I & II, NABTS and closed caption 
• Separate video output for diagnostic on-screen-display (OSD) 
• DigiCipher II conditional access control 
• Bypass video and audio inputs 
• DTMF cue tones for local ad insertion 
• 3 sets of contact closures (1 set can be used for summary alarm)