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Metcal SP-PW1-10 SP 200 Smartheat Soldering System 115V AC Power Supply w/ Cord

by MetCal
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SKU Metcal-SP-200_USED
Metcal SP 200 Power Supply # SP-PW1-10

The SP200 Soldering System is the most cost-effective and easiest to use compact soldering system available today. For flawless soldering, technicians need only select the correct tip cartridge, insert it into the handpiece and switch on. As the unit works at a lower temperature than a conventional iron and requires no calibration, operators always apply the correct level of thermal energy needed to produce solder joints of the highest quality without risking component or PCB damage. In addition, the system’s design is extremely reliable, with very few parts that ever need repairing, ensuring that the SP200 Soldering System is practically maintenance-free. Metcal’s SP200 Soldering System, for through-hole soldering and SMT touch-up, is designed to perfectly complement our MX-500 Soldering, Desoldering & Rework System.

SP-PW1-10 Power supply w/ universal USA power plug only