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Firetide HotPort 6202 Outdoor Mesh Node 400mW 2.4/5/4.9Ghz Public Safety License

SKU HotPort 6202 USED
Firetide HotPort 6202 Wireless Mesh Node 2.4/4.9/5GHz Dual Radio Outdoor
Item is in grade B condition due to minor scuffs. Refer to images.

HotPort 6202 mesh nodes provide reliable Ethernet connectivity over a high-performance, self-forming wireless mesh backbone - indoors, outdoors, or onboard moving vehicles. All HotPort nodes have multiple Ethernet ports for connecting network devices or other networks to the wireless mesh.  HotPort 6202 mesh nodes operate at 2.4 GHz, 4.9 GHz (U.S. public safety licensed band), or 5 GHz. HotPort 6202 tri band nodes are equipped with dual radios, operating at 400 mW.

To maximize performance, dual-radio HotPort 6000 nodes support two radio modes. In the "bonded" mode, both radios are combined to operate as a single unit that provides double the bandwidth of a single radio equivalent. This is ideal for bandwidth-intensive application such as video surveillance, resulting in crystal clear video images. This mode also provides a "fat pipe" for point to point wireless backhaul - for example, to connect two mesh networks.