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ELSAG MPH-900 Mobile License Plate Reader Scanner LPR Camera All 50 USA States

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SKU AD3-S/35/74_USED
ELSAG MPH-900 License Plate Reader Scanner Camera LPR AD3-S/35/74
Grade B physical condition. Comes as pictured.

ELSAG's Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) system, the Mobile Plate Hunter-900 (MPH-900) can be mounted to patrol cars capturing license plate numbers during entire shifts. If a suspect license plate number is read, audible and visual alarms alert the officer within milliseconds of license plate capture. Cameras, a processing unit and proprietary software, allow officers to capture images of license plates and instantaneously compare them with millions of Hot List records to identify vehicles of interest. 

This highly advanced Automatic License Plate Reader system reads plates day or night, from all 50 States and most foreign countries including Arabic characters. It can also read other alpha-numeric identification systems—even from 1500 feet in the air. The MPH-900 ALPR system minimizes the guesswork and safety risks that challenge officers every day. The MPH-900 has unique capabilities, many of which are much more advanced than features of other mobile ALPR systems.