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DeView WDR29ATM 700HTVL-E Wide Dynamic Covert Micro ATM Security Camera NEW

by deView
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DeView WDR29ATM 700HTVL-E Hyper-Dynamic High Resolution Mini Cube Camera

Best Used in ATM Machines. Can be used in covert security situations and adjusts to very strong backlight environments. 
features an extremely wide light dynamic range, high sensitivity and high resolution enabled by a 1/3-inch CMOS sensor and Ikegami’s digital processing technology. It is a Hyper Wide Light Dynamic Range Mini Cube Camera that reproduces a clear and natural image even in locations where there is a significant difference in the intensity of illumination, such as window areas, or in lobby entrance of building. Camera comes with a compact cube body of just W1.54 x H1.54 x D1.28 inches
  • High 700 TVL resolution
  • Sony 1/3" Sensor
  • DNR for low-light image
  • HLC (High Light Compensation)
  • Auto defogging