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DeView GCDNH33V12WD Analog Wide Dynamic Range Dome Security Camera 3.3-12mm

by DeView
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DeView GCDNH33V12WD Analog WDR Dome Security Camera 3.3-12mm

deView's GCDNH33V12WD features the latest in wide dynamic technology, IPE-DSP (Individual Pixel Exposure Digital Signal Processing) permitting the camera to correctly resolve images with an extremely wide dynamic range through the integrated 3.3-12mm F1.4 auto iris lens. This ensures that all low light of an image remain visible while keeping areas of highlights correctly exposed. The camera offers exceptional performance, Day/Night mode, accurate color reproduction and 504 TV lines of resolution. 

  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • High Resolution 
  • Day/Night Mode 
  • 3.3-12mm Varifocal Autio iris lens
  • New 3-Axis Gimble