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Delta GFB0412EHS 12 Volt DC 40mm Brushless Dual Fan

by Delta
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  • Standard voltage 12V, operating voltage 10.8-16V
  • Current 1.82A ( foot when the voltage to current 16V 1.8A) ( when the voltage is 12V enough current to 1.4A)
  • ( When the voltage is sufficient to 13V current 1.5A) ( when the voltage of 14V enough to current 1.6A) ( when the voltage is sufficient to 15V current 1.7A)These are tested and test out the actual current table
  • Not the general domestic motor , this product is innovative design { right } double rotary motor,DC brushless type , after the carbon brushes are worn and the problem can not be used turbine , low -power high- quality assurance , 20,000 hours maintenance-free promise does not exist ! Disguising !
  • Large amount of wind speed above 16,200
  • Size Diameter : 40mm x 40mm length : 56mm, built two different independent motor speed (of high-speed ball bearing mounted 4 ) , two fans , two-sided blade reversal unique design , to ensure adequate air pressure . 5 blade fan inlet , outlet fan blades 4 , 5 blades into the wind turbine work at 16,200 revolutions per minute to start , then after 12,000 revolutions per minute, increasing the pressure to reverse the blades . Let supercharging effect to maximize !!
  • Fuel savings of 5% -20 %. ( Depending on the specific vehicle condition )
  • Reduce harmful emissions .
  • Internal combustion engine to reduce carbon, prolong engine life.
  • Enhanced engine power by 10% to 20 % at the start of the vehicle , the use of air conditioning or hard acceleration power increase
  • Wiring : Black + Grey to the negative (-) Pole , Red + Orange connected to the positive (+) Pole, other multi- outlet are not connected . Such as random access to power , it will damage the fan. Or understand the wiring expert can conduct their own DIY change

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