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Crestron QM-RX QuickMedia Receiver RGB and Video Routing 1920 X 1200 pixels 60Hz

Crestron QM-RX QuickMedia Receiver RGB and Video Routing 1920 X 1200 pixels 60Hz
Tested and in working condition. Overall condition 8/10
The QM-RX is a QuickMedia receiver designed to provide cost-effective RGB and video signal routing and control as part of a complete MediaManager AV presentation system. Using Crestron's exclusive QuickMedia transport, the QM-RX receives RGB and video signals over a single inexpensive CAT5e type cable* from any QuickMedia Wall Plate, FlipTop Box, or Distribution Center.Mounted at the projector or plasma display location, the QM-RX breaks out composite video, S-Video, and RGBHV signals to feed the respective inputs on the display device. All signal routing occurs automatically under the command of the control system based upon the input source type selected.

The QuickMedia transport supports the transmission of RGB signals with resolutions up to 1920 X 1200 pixels at 60Hz. Software-controllable frequency, bandwidth, and skew compensation adjustments are provided to maximize image quality over cable runs up to 450 feet long with up to 22 nS of delay skew.

The QM-RX includes one bidirectional RS-232 port and one IR/Serial port for control of the display device. A digital input port is also included to enable direct connection of a room occupancy sensor, power sensor, or any contact closure device.

  • QuickMedia Receiver
  • Composite, S-Video and RGB outputs
  • RS-232, IR, and digital in control ports
  • Optional power current sensor
  • NTSC or PAL, HDTV up to 1080i/1080p