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BOSCH DS160 Grey Request-to-Exit Passive Infrared Detector PIR Sensor & Sounder

by Bosch
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BOSCH DS160 High Performance Request-to-Exit Passive Infrared Detector, White. Fast shipping from the USA.

We consider item in new condition. Overstock from a project and some boxes may not look like they are straight out of the factory carton, but they are still sealed and can still be put on a wholesaler shelf. 

PIR Request To Exit Sensor With Sounder Gray. The DS160 Detector (light gray) specifically designed for Request-to-exit (REX) applications. With features such as timers, door monitor with sounder alert, and directed coverage, the DS160 have the flexibility to meet the most stringent REX requirements. The exclusive Sequential Logic Input (SLI) provides added security that is not offered in any other REX device.

  • Door monitor with sounder alert
  • Sequential Logic Input (SLI)
  • Internal vertical 'pointability'
  • Wrap-around coverage pattern with precise pattern control
  • Up to 64 second adjustable latch time