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Axis P3224 Q35 Series Security Camera Recessed Mount Kit, Gasket C M20 59444

by Axis
Sold out
What you see in the first picture is what you will receive. This is used with the Both T94K02L and T94K02L and comes with:
  • Installation Guide
  • Drill Template
  • Gasket C M20
  • Various Connectors for changing between compatible cameras
Compatible with:
  • AXIS P3224-(L)V Mk II
  • AXIS P3225-LV Mk II
  • AXIS P3225-V Mk II
  • AXIS P3227-LV
  • AXIS P3228-LV
  • AXIS P3367-V
  • AXIS P3374-LV
  • AXIS P3374-V
  • AXIS P3375-LV
  • AXIS P3375-V
  • AXIS Q3504-V
  • AXIS Q3505-V Mk II
  • AXIS Q3515-LV
  • AXIS Q3517-LV