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AFI MTX-486 Fiber Optic RS485 2 Chanel data Transceiver Multimode ST Connector

The American Fibertek 486 Series transmits and receives two channels of RS485-2 Wire data over a single multimode optical fiber. The system is comprised of transceivers forming a point-to-point or multi-point communications link. The system is designed to be compatible with the Panasonic PS Data protocol including the RJ-12 interface. For ease of installation, diagnostic indicators provide a quick visual indication of system status.


*  RS-485-2 over Optical Cable
*  Diagnostic Lights
*  Single Fiber Multimode
* 1310nm
* Two RS485 Channels - 2 Wire Interfaces
* Switch Selectable Terminations
* DC to 115 Kb/s
* Activity Indicators for Data Tx and Rx for each Channel
* Only One Fiber Required
* Hot Swappable