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ADC Kentrox 72651 Satellite 651 DSU w/ Data & Power Cables and Network Adapter

ADC Kentrox 72651 Satellite 651 DSU w/ Data & Power Cables and Network Adapter
Grade A physical condition. Shows some signs of wear. Powers on, but is not thoroughly tested.

• Connects router, video or any other serial application
• Complete remote performance monitoring and diagnostics
• Integrated AC power supply
• Extensive loopbacks
• Low-cost remote office access
• Remote management with any DataSMART DSU/CSU
• Local control with front panel LCD and LEDs
• Supports T1 / FT1 leased-line and Frame Relay services



Line Rate: Internal or external clock; 1.544 Mb/s ± 50 bps.

When timing is derived from input signal:

1.544 Mb/s ± 200 bps

Output line rate follows input line rate

Line Code: AMI or B8ZS (B8ZS set as default)

Line Impedance: 100 ohms ±10 ohms at 772 kHz

100 ohms ± 20% over the frequency band

100 kHz to 1 MHz

Lightning Protection:

Lightning surges defi ned per FCC Part 68

shall not damage the unit

Framing Format: SF or ESF per ANSI T1.403-1989, and

TR-54016-1989; (ESF set as default)

Input Level : DS-1 from 0 dB to –27.5 dB

(0 dB set as default)

Input Jitter Tolerance:

Per TR 62411-1990 (p. 4.7.1)

Output Level: Per ANSI T1.403-1989

3.0 Volt peak ± 10% into 100 ohms at

output connector

Output Signal: Tolerant to impedance mismatches

Line Build Out: 0, 7.5, 15.0 selectable

Output Jitter: TR 62411-1990 (p. 4.7.3)

Jitter Transfer: DSU: TR 62411-1990 (p. 4.7.3)

Pulse Density: When enabled shall be > 12.5%

Mechanical: DA15 Plug (DB15 Male)


Bit Rates: Nx56 kbps or Nx64 kbps (N-1…24)

Mechanical: 34-pin MRAC34S connector

Electrical Interface: V.35 compatible

Interface Type: DCE


LEDs: Power/fail; T1; Data port transmit; Data

receive; Data port CTS; Data port RTS

Loop Tests: Local loopback; Data terminal loopback


Loop Tests: Line loopback; Payload loopback

Data port loopback

Line Test Codes: QRS; 3-in-24; 1-in-8; All 1s; All 0s

Data Test Codes: 511; 2047

BERT Tester: Independent BERT on all test codes


In-Band: Via ESF FDL

LCD: Front panel display of unit status

Front panel configuration of unit


Storage Temperature: -20°C to 66°C (5% to 65% RH)

Operating Temp: 0°C to 50°C (5% to 90% RH, non-condensing)


Size with Feet: 1.7 inches by 7.75 inches by 11.5 inches

Size without Feet: 1.65 inches by 7.75 inches by 11.5 inches

Weight: Approximately 2.5 pounds


AC: 85 to 130 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz, 8W


FCC Compliance: Part 68; Part 15, Class A

NRTL Listed: UL 1950, 3rd Edition

CSA: 22.2; No. 950

IC: CS-03


ANSI: T1.403-1995

AT&T: TR 54016-1989; TR 62411-1900

TR 54019A; PUB 43802

Bellcore: TR 194