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95W LT PoE++ Ultra High Power Gigabit Injector w/ 48V DC Power Supply Included

by Syncom

FULL 95W of PoE (Power over Ethernet) on low voltage Network Cables. Please consider using high quality cable from trusted sources. We also have indoor and outdoor products up to 120W direct weather injectors or power boosters 12-36V DC Input with PoE 48V Active output. 

Product is brand new and comes with the power supply (External). The injector is industrial metal, but is not made for direct weather. 


  • Single Port Ultra High Power Gigabit PoE Injector
  • Two (2) x 10/100 /1000Mbps RJ45 ports 
  • Supply power to millions HD webcam through Cat5 Ethernet cable 
  • Support network port, the power input port features lightning-proof (meet the secondary lightning protection) 
  • PoE power supply type is the four line pairs of twisted pairs, among which 1/2, 4/5 line pairs is the power’s positive side, and 3/6, 7/8 line pair is the power’s negative side 
  • Support LT PoE++ high power standard, compatible with IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at standard 
  • Single port output power: 95W, voltage: 50-57V, total power: 110W
  • Dimension: L x W x H (mm) 80x76x25mm
  • No fans, natural cooling, small and exquisite, no noise design, suitable for desktop or wall

This single port 10/100/1000M 95W PoE injector is independent research and development for high power PoE injector, it supports LT PoE++ high power standard, and can be backward compatible with IEEE 802.3af/IEEE802.3at PoE standard. The maximum output power is 95W, the whole power is 100W. There are 2x standard RJ45 network ports, one of which is used as the upper switch or other upper network devices. And another network port is used as the port that integrated PoE power output and network data. It’s more convenient for installation and use of high power network dome cameras or other high power IP devices.

PoE injector can provide a simple and economical solution for high performance Ethernet PoE power supply and data communication. Easy to use and install, superior performance and cost-effective, which is an ideal choice for customer to improve the projects’ quality. It’s an efficient engineering solution to meet the requirement of the reliability system and simplified installation for remote places without power supply or unable to use Ethernet cable to supply power.